A Brief Aside…

I’ve been very busy. Instead of chatting up gel electrophoresis today, I’ll give a brief update on life in the lab and take you on a picture tour.

After many rounds of primer screening, I’ve found twenty-five viable loci for my project! Hooraaaaaayyy! The next step involves running microsatellite PCR for all 172 samples of E. Kennicotti. Keep in mind that my summer job ends in two weeks, so it’s a sprint to the finish.

What did last week look like, you ask? The same as this week and, most likely, the next: pipetting, pipetting, and more pipetting. To keep me on my toes while working, I listen to upbeat tunes (this week the musical soundtracks to Hamilton, Ragtime, & Sweeney Todd) and podcasts (This American Life, Invisibilia, & an interesting new show about being a single mother by choice called Not By Accident).

Want to see where I work?
Come on in…


Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 3.46.56 PM

What’s that on the wall? 


Oh, it’s just Elvis. 


My lab space on a sunny day. 


That sunny day. 



Fish galore.

Now off to power through for a full data set!


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