The Stripetail Darter, or “Etheostoma Kennicotti”

I’ll be working on a new species description of the stripetail darter, also known as Ethiostoma Kennicotti1.jpg6c946c10-9523-4951-a851-b260f86445dcOriginal.jpg

Here’s a shot of my new friend. Ken insisted that I get his good side.


Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 11.21.34 AM


E. kennicotti is found in small rivers in the eastern US – Tennessee, Ohio, Kentucky, etc.


To do this, I’ll be analyzing the microsatellites of individuals. If you’d like the long explanation of microsatellite genotyping, click away! Here’s the short story: microsatellites are nucleotide repeats found in an individual’s genome (all of its genetic material). The repeats don’t code for anything – some DNA sequences make proteins, while other sequences like microsatellites are more of a mystery. That being said, the number of repeats differs between individuals. We will use the differences between repeat number to gauge the amount of genetic diversity between populations.



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